Thursday, August 19, 2010

Freedom almost over

By the end of this week, I'll have one week left before I start my senior year of college.  Hopefully I will graduate with a BA in Anthropology and technically a BA in English.  Sadly, the university I attend won't let me get to separate degrees, I only get the degree for my first major.  I guess it's okay since I'm applying to a creative writing program at this university that doesn't require you to have a background in English; they require just a Bachelor's Degree.  (I won't name the university just in case I don't get in.)  Then, I will continue with my hopes on becoming a forensic anthropologists.  I'm going to apply to grad schools for anthropology at the same time I'm applying for the MFA though as just-in-cases.  Don't want to end up going nowhere for grad school.

And speaking of grad school, I have to take my GRE which I totally forgot about.  I have 3 months to take it.  That also means I have 3 months to study for it.  Me and my procrastinating ways.  The reason I have 3 months is because the deadline to submit the GRE scores to the university I'm applying too is Dec. 18.  It takes 15 days for your scores to become available (if you take it online); so, I need to take it no later than the end of November.  I'm going to pick the latest date available for me in order to study obviously. 

Also during these 3 months I have to prepare a 25 page writing sample to go with my application.  Don't quote me on this, but I think it's safe to say they expect the story itself to be 25 pages long.  I am sadly not good at writing short stories.  I always end up wanting to add more or my simple little story ends up becoming this huge idea that can't be contained in a small amount of pages.  I'm also bad at even starting or finishing one of these ideas.

Speaking of starting an idea.  The Landon story is being started all over again.  I'm taking a point from one of my other introductions and starting it when he's a kid.  I've also added new quirks to his personality and also to another character whom I'm starting to very much dislike.  She used to be such a sweet, nice character, but now she's turning into a bitch.  Oh wells.  I always meant for something bad to happen between the two and these new character developments are going to help with that.

So, I'm going to get started on that right now.  Maybe.  I think I have an ear infection because the inner part of my right ear is throbbing badly and I also don't feel quite well.  I have more snifflies than usual.  *sigh* Just like me to get sick right before school starts. 

Anyways, I'll sign off by saying Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen is a very good book and I highly recommend it.  (It's also now a movie directed by Rob Renier.)

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