Monday, September 20, 2010

"If you're texting Magnus to say 'I think u r kewl,' I'm going to kill you."

So, I haven't written anything in over a month; so, while I'm attempting to type out my first journal article review for my Archaeology of Mexico and Central America class, I thought I'd ramble on here while I attempt to gather my anthropological writing thoughts.

Since school started, I think I've finished five books.  I had started reading Cassandra Clare's City of Bones before school began, but didn't actually think about finishing it until I realized A Clockwork Angel was about to be released.  I finally finished it and started City of Ashes (which is where the quote of this entry's title comes from) and then City of Glass and finally A Clockwork Angel.  I officially love Alec and Magnus, hate Clary and adore Simon.  For the prequel book, I really like all the characters.  I also prefer Will over Jace even though Will seemed beyond rude towards the end of CA, but I know he had his reasons.  I can't wait for the next book in both series.  There are three things I'm curious about and am dying to find out the reasons for in the Mortal Instruments new trilogy: what is the significance of Alec resembling Will, why does Clary recognize Tessa (from CA) and what's going to happen when Camille reenters Magnus's life.  It's so painful to have to wait until April to find out!  The fifth book I read was White Cat by Holly Black which was amazing.  My sister didn't like it because it has to deal with the mob.  Oddly enough, I love things that deal with the mob.

Speaking of the mob, I totally missed Boardwalk Empire last night.  Completely heartbroken, but I will be there next Sunday for it!

School is pretty okay so far.  I'm liking my Hemingway class a lot; Archaeology is same old with interesting details every now and then; Indians of North America is picking up; Survey of the Media is ok; I hate my computer class!  I believe my first few tests are next week in Archaeology and Media.  I think I'll do good.

My writing is coming along painstakingly slow.  I've scraped everything for Landon's story and am trying to take it back down to what it used to be when I first got the idea for it.  I dislike when my stories go all haywire and become complex with a million subplots and many potential sequels.  Landon doesn't need to live such a complicated life.

My birthday was a few weeks ago; I turned 23.  It was a Supernatural theme.  I made my own decorations and put on random episodes of Supernatural while my family and friends ate mole.  I also made my own cake.  It's chocolate with oreo cookies; the gravestones are mint cookies and the trees are frozen chocolate which eventually melted.  I also have an open grave with Sam, Dean and Castiel standing around it. :D  It was quite delicious.  I got Dexter season 4 from my parents and The Vampire Diaries from my sister.  From everyone else I got money which I spent on new books and then buying Supernatural season 5 the day after my official birthday.  (My party was Sept 4 and my real birthday Sept 6 [Labor Day].)  On my official birthday, I ate Wendy's because for the longest time I was craving a bacon-cheeseburger.  When it comes to bacon-cheeseburgers, to me, Wendy's is the best.

I figure this should be the end of my blog.  I have to finish writing my article review before the season premier of How I Met Your Mother.  I will sign off by squealing over the summer finale of Psych!  Shawn and Jules kissed!!!!!!  I cried and screamed with happiness.  It was the best episode of the season.  I mean, it only took five seasons for Jules to hear Shawn's true feelings for her and for them to finally kiss.  I can't wait for the fall season to start up in November.


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