Thursday, August 5, 2010

Don't Know What I'm Doing

I decided to start one of these blogs for several reasons:
A. My sister has one.
Actually, that is the only reason.  I haven't had a chance yet to look around at other blogs, but I'll probably start by reading through my sister's favorites.  She started one of these to stop being an anonymous follower and to start commenting on her favorite author's blogs.  I'm actually not brave enough to comment because I'm always afraid of saying the wrong thing.  Not something stupid, just wrong.

I guess another reason I started one of these is to motivate myself into finishing one of my own stories I've created.  I've been coming up with stories since the third grade with this short story called St. Martin.  It's about these two kids who get shipwrecked on a non-existing island in the 1940s.  It also involves unicorns, dragons, faeries, a fountain of youth, Atlantis and a boy named Ash.  Fourteen years later, St. Martin has grown into a 11 book series (with some short stories in between). 

At the moment I'm currently writing a horror story that I came up with two summers ago while watching Ghost Hunting with McFly.  (I wrote part of it as a short story for Creative Writing I that same summer.)  I'm also hard working on this supernatural story as well with a main character I hold dearly to my heart.  His name is Landon and he's a major pervert.  He's also a vampire and has a black cat named Juju Beans.

There are two other ones that are 85% formulated in my brain at the moment: One is the 10th book to the St. Martin series (I wrote two chapters of this one during high school); the second is an adventure/action story that has grown onto epic proportions over the last few months.  I'm trying not to bother with either of these two at the moment because they involve to many different characters and settings.

Well, I was typing this out while reading the tweets of Psych writer Tim Meltreger who was tweeting live during the West Coast broadcast of tonight's episode of Psych.  He just confirmed that Little Shawn will be back next week!  Liam James is adorable.  If you haven't watched Psych, you should.  It's an awesome detective show and Shawn Spencer is the original fake psychic detective.

Anyway, I guess this will be the end of my first post.  My eyes are already shutting and I can't seem to type straight.  I keep misspelling words.  Then again, that could just be my poor language skills.  That's why English is my second major and Anthropology is my first!


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  1. Poor child, you do not possess the night owl skills that I have. And hooray for Liam James! Psych is awesome :P