Saturday, August 7, 2010

sagitall suture ???

Another end of the week, meaning another week close to school starting.  Also, I have two days left to read three chapters in my Sociology textbook and take the quizzes for those chapters.  My test for the class will be available on Monday I think and I have until Wednesday to take it.  It's an online class.  I have an A so far and hope to keep it that way.  However, the author of this textbook kinda sucks.  The first two chapters were interesting with the background on different sociologists and the variety of cultures in the world and how people react to them.  The third chapter about the different levels of society and the psychology behind it was crap.  The author mostly repeated himself on every other page.  Hopefully the chapters I have to read tomorrow will be better.

I finally got to see White Heat today.  It's a film from 1949 and stars James Cagney, one of my favorite actors.  A famous quote from the movie is towards the end of the film with Cagney on top of this gas tanker sort of thing and he screams: "Made it Ma! Top of the world."  This was a brilliant piece of work.  I'm a big fan of the classic gangster films.  Just wish they still made movies like this.

Started up on my drawings again.  It's been a few months since I first decided to try drawing 'manga style' and so the character I drew just a few minutes ago looks like crap.  I was trying to draw my vision of Landon from the vampire story I'm writing which I mentioned in my first blog.  For some reason, he looks stoned in my drawing.  If you look at it from the side though, it looks alright.  I'm just going to try and stick with it this time around.  I'm also going to by myself a black pen tomorrow.  I went to buy new pens today that are fine points and bleed a little.  I found these sharpie pens that were pretty cheap and decided that I'll give them a try since the ones I usually buy weren't there.  When I got home to try them out, I had the misfortune of realizing too late that the ink for the pen... is blue.  Blue!  Ugh.  Maybe that's why Landon looks stoned?  It's a freaking blue pen.  Tomorrow I'll get the right color pen.

Speaking of Landon, I'm scraping yet again another first chapter I've started for this story.  This file was my 20th beginning.  I just can't seem to get the right beginning to this story.  I have everything else planned out in my head and I do have a beginning.  But, I just can't get it right enough that it starts to flow.  After a couple of pages or even paragraphs, I feel like I'm forcing myself to continue.  I know it also has to deal with the fact that this stories gone from a piece of fluff I made up last Halloween to a more horror/slasher type with Landon being a sociopath to what is now a mixture of the two minus the sociopath characteristic.  It's also jumped from the characters being around seventeen to them being in college and back again to high school.  At least the setting has stayed the same.  I think I'll give this story another go tomorrow and if it doesn't pan out in the next few weeks, I'll move on to another one.

In sad news, I have officially contacted Ticketmaster to get a refund for my Jonas Brothers tickets.  The concert was originally July 31 and then they had to reschedule it to September 11.  It's a Saturday, but it's about a six hour drive and my brother and I have school.  Oh wells.  I went to two gigs this year at least.  Saw the 100 Monkeys in January and then MGMT in June.  I'm sure something will come up later this year and maybe closer to where I live and with a band that won't cancel or reschedule their dates.

I guess I'll end today's blog there.  I do want to mention before I go that you should check out the new Stand Up 2 Cancer PSA about changing the odds.  It has a good amount of young actors in it like Logan Lerman, Zac Efron, Kristin Bell, Andrew Garfield, Dakota Fanning (who also narrates it) and many more.  I think having so many of these actors in the PSA is a good way of getting the younger generations to take notice of the cause.  In full honesty, I didn't take full notice of this organization until I saw this.  I know they used to show the video with Joss Stone singing at the movie theaters, but I never looked it up when I got home.  But, this PSA, even though it has some funny moments like when Zac Efron gets stuck in an elevator with a bunch of girls (this video is about the odds of certain things happening to you), when it gets to the end, it becomes a bit scary.  The PSA says that 1:2 men and 1:3 women are the odds of getting cancer in your lifetime.  This was definitely an eye opener.  I've already joined their website and also plan on donating money for cancer research.  The website is very informative and even gives ways you can start changing the odds like not smoking, managing stress, getting exams, etc.  At the bottom of this entry will be the website address.  Hopefully you can take a look around when you get the chance.

Take care!  And, one more thing.  The title for my blog is 'sagitall suture' because when I clicked that space to place a title, it gave me two things: the title of my last blog and sagitall suture.  I have no idea why.  I've never typed that there before.  Weird.

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