Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Long Time No See

Wow, I haven't posted here in like two years.  I might get back into the habit of doing so.

So much has happened!  I graduated college with a BA in Anthropology and am now working on my Masters in English.  It's not what I want to do.  I actually got accepted to a university in San Francisco for their MFA program, but I couldn't afford moving their at the time.  Now, I'm going to try getting a degree in Publishing.  The university I'm going to apply for is in NYC.

Speaking of, I've visited NYC twice!  I went their last October to see Chris Colfer at the New Yorker Festival.  I also got the change to see Daniel Radcliffe in How Two Succeed In Business Without Really Trying (he was amazing!), Wicked, The Submission (I got to meet Jon Groff and Rutina Wesley), and the Scissor Sisters (which Chris actually attended and was standing like five feet from me).

Then, I went their again in April to attend the world premiere of Struck By Lightning, the film written and staring Chris Colfer.  I got to meet him too!!!!!  That whole event still seems so surreal to me.  The movie was great by the way.  Saw it twice!  So, when it comes out in December, everyone should see it.

Manhattan is such a beautiful place.  I still haven't seen everything, but hopefully I will get the chance too.

Well, this will end my first post back.  I'm getting back into the habit of writing; so, maybe I'll be able to post some excerpts from my stories soon.

Take care!

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